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The original



This authentic grandmothers-style breugelmix is a traditional Ghent flan recipe with Belgian gingerbread and speculoos. Ready-to-use dry custard powder mix where you only need to add boiling water. Delicious for breakfast or dessert. Packaged in hermetically sealed and dustproof foil for optimal protection and storage. Preparation of 368 g for four to six people.


Sugar 28%, speculoos 24% (wheat flour (gluten), sugar, vegetable oils (palm*, turnip), candy syrup, raising agent (sodium hydrogen carbonate), salt, cinnamon), full milk powder, gingerbread 16% (glucose-fructose syrup, rye flour (gluten), raising agents (sodium hydrogen carbonate, disodium diphosphate), spices, flavourings), wheat starch (gluten), wholeeggpowder, natural caramelized sugar, spices, aromas, stabiliser: linseed fibre, candy syrup, colour: caramel (E150c). (*) Palm oil from sustainable and certified plantations. May contain traces of nuts.


Pour the baking mix into a mixing bowl. Add 500 ml of boiling water. Mix briefly with a whisk or spoon for one minute. Allow to infuse for five minutes. Mix well after with a whisk (one minute) or blender (a few seconds) until when most of the lumps are gone. Don't worry, the remaining ones will disappear during baking. Butter an aluminum or stone baking dish (Ø 20 cm x 5 cm) well before pouring in the preparation. Bake for 30-35 minutes in a preheated electric (200°C) or hot air oven (180°C). Serve the dessert cold or lukewarm. Let cool overnight in the refrigerator for the best taste experience.

Storage instructions:

Store in a dry, cool and dark place. This premium baking mix has a shelf life of at least one year after production date. Once baked it will keep for three days in the refrigerator.

Nutritional values per 100 g baked product:

Energy: 931 kJ/222 kcal, fats: 6 g (of which saturated fatty acids: 3.2 g), carbohydrates: 37.2 g (of which sugars: 27.8 g), proteins: 4.5 g, salt: 0.29 g.

“Fan of baking creations that make my kitchen smell.”

The fact that this fragrant and tasty food concept mentions freshly dried ingredients and energy-conscious preparation instructions definitely makes me a fan of this flan. As soon as I opened the package, a delicious aroma filled the kitchen.

Jeffrey De Kesel*
“This product fits perfectly in my shopping bag.”

The first time I prepared a powdered dessert preparation was an instant hit. I am a lover of original baked goods and even more so of this manufacturer's name. This self-baking formula also makes me less dependent on the limited flan supply at bakeries.

Evy Vandersmissen*
“The strong story and creativity makes me a fan.”

I never shy away from discovering new food products. Especially not when the makers catch my attention with a powerful story or original product. Therefore, I am strongly curious about all future developments of custard varieties and toppings.

Fons Devreker*
“The flavor and texture of the flan were strongly balanced.”

This dessert is delicious, simple and most of all hits my nostalgic chord. Therefore, I consciously choose authentic and local products in my cooking. I am sure my future table guests will share this opinion.

Sylvie Schollaert*
“I conjured fresh flan on the family table in no time.”

I am a passionate hobby baker, but when I have an acute craving for a coffee treat, I sometimes reach for a powdered dessert preparation. So this sampled ingredient mix convinced me strongly: flavorful, appetizing and above all very easy to prepare.

Heidi Vervoort*

The fruity


This fruity orange flan, which includes zest from organic oranges, is a typical Ghent variant of the widely known breugel flan. The dry powder preparation is currently being prepared for production according to our second family flan recipe. With this ready-to-use flan mix, you again only add boiling water. Delicious for breakfast or dessert. Be surprised by the fresh balance and the tasty marriage of speculoos, gingerbread and orange. The premium baking mix is packaged identically, and in our newly designed packaging according to a design by Ghent city illustrator David, hermetically sealed and dust-free for optimal protection and storage. Available from fall 2024.


Stylish filled
storage box

Oven fresh and
traditionally prepared



No time yet to buy all the ingredients for a flan pastry? Or fancy tasting the original version of our homemade flan pastry? We make our fresh flan pastry for eating and drinking establishments and lodging companies in Ghent, sticking to the hundred-year-old authentic flan recipe with Belgian gingerbread and speculoos.

Flan de Gand's baked breugel flan can be ordered on demand throughout the year via the webstore and will also be available at local weekly markets later this year. One preparation is for four to six people. We will make your online purchase ready for pickup in the store under the Ghent belfry or delivery to the Ghent districts on any Sunday morning.

Ingredients: milk, dark brown sugar, loaf sugar, vanilla sugar, cookie cookies, speculoos, gingerbread, cinnamon, eggs, cornstarch and candy syrup. This product contains gluten, egg and milk. Will keep for three days in the refrigerator.


Why choose
a premium flan mix?

That is choosing

The very first flan powder mix according to authentic regional recipe that is quick, and with simple operations, ready to bake and serve to a shape or design of your choice.


The preparation requires no additional ingredients beyond tap water, is ready in no time, uses minimal kitchen tools and thus reduces your precious shopping, dishwashing and oven time.

And choosing

The baking powder was based down to the grain on a Ghent family recipe, contains East Flemish ingredients of traditional manufacture and is produced on Flemish soil to guarantee you an authentic Belgian product.


You determine the direction of your baking moment


convenience and experience

The first flan mix ever. Includes all the trumps.

Benefits to creators
  • Belgian folklore product according to authentic recipe
  • No additional products nor cost, just add water
  • Minimal effort because binding does not occur during whipping
  • The time of the traditional making process was cut in half
  • A baking bowl, mixing bowl and whisk are the only working tools needed
  • The baking process in the oven guarantees an even texture
Tasks the baker does himself
  • Only add tap water and collect a minimal number of kitchen tools
  • Choosing from one of several baking and preparation methods
  • Add personal touch to dessert with a creative topping or fun dessert plate
  • Tastefully scoop out the mixing bowl and do the few dishes

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