From village secret to culinary heritage concept

A true flandrien gives everything until he crosses the line, purely by character and with full gusto. Just like us. Flan de Gand ® repackages the traditional making and taste experience of Ghent flan into a contemporary dessert story for DIY bakers, restaurateurs, hoteliers and professional pastry chefs. We find our passion and energy in the handed down family memoirs of our ancestors, connection with the city of our birth and indomitable sense of culinary enterprise. And this credo can be taken literally. The recipe finds its origin in an orally transmitted recipe for flan that our grandmother, during the village fairs in the roaring twenties of last century, already traditionally prepared for the entire family and loving neighborhood tasters. Meanwhile, for several years now, flan has enjoyed well-deserved recognition as an authentic regional product from Ghent. But this story continues.

The pride of two centuries of quality baking

Our kindred ancestors started a pre-Belgian baking story in the year 1825 with the small-industrial production of artisanal baking recipes, built according to specific production processes and authentic preparation techniques. Today, the sixth generation of descendants is continuing to honor this family tradition with respect for the past and full enthusiasm for the future. With Flan de Gand ® we bring two rich family histories together and, as a producer of flan mixes from Ghent, we look forward to the bicentenary of our baking roots with double pride.

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Geeqo is the producer of Flan de Gand ® and makes Belgian quality and iconic flan products according to authentic Ghent recipe with local ingredients. We work with respect for the past to create solution-oriented products, tasty stories and new experiences for our fans of flans. With the flan baking mixes, we want to inspire both private and professional dessert chefs in their hunger for original self-baking and taste experiences. We give the reigns of baking back to our customers, focusing on both nostalgic baking emotions and contemporary needs changes among our co-makers. Therefore, we do not just think in 'blisters' and challenge ourselves every day to write an appetizing story full of happiness and convenience for our domestic and foreign end-users.

We want to propagate the heritage value of Ghent's flan traditions and further explore and embed its innovative baking applications within our offerings.

Reinventor and co-maker of Ghent flan

Simple design-it-yourself dessert for all ages.

Our do-it-yourself blisters help fans of flans make a complicated authentic and time-consuming delicious recipe even more enjoyable. By focusing on comfort, creativity and accessibility. Inspirational tips included.

Belgian folklore product with quality ingredients.

Flan de Gand ® brings a centuries-old dessert tradition with Ghent roots to your plate. The careful choice of traditional and regional ingredients form the basis of our flavorful blisters.

Minimal footprint from production to preparation.

By using ingredients from Belgium, local production, upcycling residual raw materials and energy-conscious preparation instructions, we make the ecological impact of our product as small and green as possible.


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